Ackie Monitor Taming Tips

Ackie Monitor Taming Tips

Hello and welcome! In this article, we will have a look at the natural temperament of an Ackie monitor and share some tips to help tame your reptile pet.


Ackie monitors have a gentle temperament that’s well suited for captivity. Taming and caring for them is not nearly as difficult as it seems.

However, that doesn’t mean taming them is like going for a walk. As a reptile, they have come from the wild environment. It will take some initial work to develop their trust.

  • Once they are comfortable with your touch, they won’t show any signs of aggression at all.
  • If they get surprised, they can easily get scared.
  • Ackie monitors have some strict environmental needs to keep them away from stress. A dirty environment will make them volatile. When the lizard is in stress it may whip its tail with anger.
  • Ackies are day-active reptiles. You may see them basking in the daylight and exploring the habitat. Don’t be stressed if you see them peeking at you through the glass.
  • They use the environment to get comfortable. You might see them digging the substrate or hiding under the plants. Wedging themselves between rocks is also normal.

Taming an Ackie Monitor

how to tame ackie monitor

Ackie monitors have easygoing sociability. Their fondness of handling and tame temperament makes them the most appealing lizards. Their curious nature helps them to quickly warm up to reptile enthusiast people.

No matter what reptile you have, you should never expect your pet ready to be handled from day one.

  • Although Ackies are interested in socializing, it would be wise to give them some time to adjust to their new environment.
  • It is highly advised to avoid any direct handling for about 2 weeks after bringing them home.
  • Start with some soft and slow touching. Moving further go for some gentle body rubs.
  • You can also use tongs for feeding your Ackie monitor. It will help him or her learn to trust you.
  • Make sure you are moving slow and steady. Never bump their enclosure. It can increase their stress.
  • Always try talking to your lizard in a soothing voice. Call the lizard by its name so it can be comfortable in your presence.
  • Do not force the lizard to do anything. Once the monitor is used to your presence, you can progress more with some gentle rubs in their enclosure.
  • When the lizard is fully relaxed with your touch, try to gently lift him out of the terrarium.
  • Initially, it is ideal to handle the monitor for about 5 to 10 minutes. Longer handling sessions may increase their stress.

Final Thoughts

Have patience with your new pet. Once your monitor starts to enjoy your company, he or she will look forward to interacting with you on a daily basis!


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