Bearded Dragon Facts – 25 Things You Might Not Know

Bearded Dragon Facts – 25 Things You Might Not Know

Bearded Dragons are very friendly lizards found in Australia, but they are easily seen as pets all over the world. If you are thinking about getting one, check out the 25 most interesting and unique bearded dragon facts below!

Bearded Dragon Facts

Bearded Dragons Have Total Nine Species

The most popular captive bred is the Pogona Vitticeps. It would be the common species that you will find in all pet shops. Pogona is the genus that shows a reptile is a bearded dragon, and the other word is their species. All nine of them are from different regions of Australia:

  • Vitticeps
  • Minor Minor
  • Minor Mitchelli
  • Microlepidota
  • Henrylawsoni
  • Barbata
  • Minor Minima
  • Nullarbor

Many Morphs Created By The Breeders

Many breeders have created unique morphs by breeding among their species. Each morph comes in different colors, patterns, body type, and has individual characteristics as well. At present, there are eleven official morphs with their unique traits. We will only show a few here.

  • Classic/Standard: This morph is almost identical to the beardies that are found in the wild of Australia, and it has spikes all over its back.
  • Dunner: This morph was named after its breeder, Kevin Dunn. It has a different pattern starting from its head to the end of the tail. Moreover, its scales lack patterns and grow in different directions throughout its body.
  • Silkback or Silkie: This morph is a scale-less dragon with silky smooth skin. It is the most beautiful and colorful dragon of all morphs.
  • Paradox: It is the result of breeding four morphs that are Hypomelanistic, Translucent, Zero, and Witblits. It has translucent scales with spots of white, purple, blue, and orange.

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Can’t Be Imported

It is interesting to know that the captive bearded dragons do not originate from Australia. In fact, Australia totally banned the export of beardies in the 1960s. This is the reason you see so many morphs of these dragons. A wild bearded dragon can’t be kept in captivity while the captive-bred makes great pets.

Not Legal In Hawaii

You can easily find bearded dragons in every state of the United States except for Hawaii.

They Love To Climb Trees


These dragons love to spend most of their time resting up high on the plants or bushes.

Pro Tip: If you have a bearded dragon, try to mimic a bearded dragon habitat setup to win your little guy’s heart!

Be sure to set up anything high like rocks or plants. You will see them hanging on them all the time.

Can Switch Genders

That’s right! They can change their gender. Studies found out that male bearded dragon eggs can change their gender to a female during egg incubation when the temperature rises above 90 °F/32 °C. However, it can not be said as a clean switch. Genetically they remain male, but they act and can reproduce like females.

Bob Their Heads To Communicate

Watch this funny bearded dragon bob its head!

If you keep several dragons in the same enclosure, then they would bob their heads aggressively on seeing their other dragons. They usually do this before mating or if they got excited by seeing others or their reflection. Male beardies would nod their head up and down asking the females if they want to mate, and they would nod back if they are ready.

Funny Bearded Dragon Fact – They Wave At Each Other!

This happens when they are kept with a few more bearded dragons. They wave at each other to greet and to show that they aren’t predators. Another wave is to indicate their submission where the dominant beardie would get on the top of the submissive.

Can Lay A Lot Of Eggs


Bearded dragons can lay 20-25 eggs in a single batch. Moreover, near about 15-18 hatchlings could hatch, at once. When mating is over, the pregnant bearded dragon will find a comfortable spot, dig a big hole, and deposit all the eggs safely. An amazing bearded dragon fact!

They Love To Live By Their Own

This might sound strange, but bearded dragons should not be kept with other dragons in a single enclosure. Like other pets, they also need their own space and do not like other dragons to pile up on top of them. This might look like they are hanging out with each other, but it is stressful for the beardie at the bottom.

Extremely Popular Pets

They are the most popular reptiles and make great pets. People love them as they require low maintenance and are extremely friendly. Moreover, bearded dragons come at the third rank after cats and dogs in many European countries as household pets.

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You Can Walk Them

Check out the video below for walking a bearded dragon with a harness.

That’s right! You can walk them with the help of a harness and leash set. They would love to soak up in direct sunlight, and it will also fulfill their requirement of Vitamin D.

Cool Bearded Dragon Fact – They Produce Venom

Bearded dragons tend to discharge very light venom. It is not harmful to us, but it is to insects.

Some Things Are Poisonous To Them

Not every insect and fruit is safe for your beardie pet. For instance, fireflies and avocado are very dangerous to them.

They Can Easily Run On Two Legs


Normally they run around on four legs, but when chased by their predators, they can run on their hind legs. They usually run around 9mph on their four legs, but runs slower on their hind legs.

See In Color

Bearded dragons can see colors that our eyes can see. They have a great vision with their eyes on the sides that give them a wider view. They also seem to be attracted by different colors.

Can Smell Through Their Mouth

Bearded Dragons have a sense of both taste and smell in their mouth. They can smell through their nose normally, but they have a unique vomeronasal organ present in their mouth, which is directly connected to their nasal cavity. This gives them a great ability to smell through their mouth.

Tail Is Half Their Total Length

bearded dragon tail

The tail plays an important part in their overall length. Their total length could be between 12 to 24 inches, where half of the length is their tail.

Unfortunate Bearded Dragon Fact – Tails Never Grow Back

Unlike gecko, our beardie can never detach their tail on their own, and they can not grow back. Gecko usually detaches their tails to distract their predators so they could run fast. Whereas, bearded dragons lack this specialized tissue that is required to grow back their tail. If they lose their tail accidentally, they can never get it back.

Their Teeth Fall Out And Grow Back

Luckily, your beardie can grow back their teeth if they lose them. This is usually with their front teeth only. They can get them back in no time.

They Can Swim

bearded dragon bathing

Yes, they can swim well. They look exactly like baby crocodiles swimming in the water. It is good for them to swim as it helps in clearing out impaction in them.

Mind Blown Bearded Dragon Fact – Do Not Urinate

Bearded dragons are very particular when it comes to storing water and use when needed. They like to keep themselves very hydrated and never waste even a drop of water. However, they release uric acid in a white powdered form.

They Can Sleep Standing Up

This often happens in the wild bearded dragons and less in captive-bred dragons. They love to sleep standing straight against a wall or a tree.

They Change Their Color When They Shed

Bearded dragons shed a lot throughout their lives. They often tend to change their color a bit when they shed. It can sometimes turn light or dark depending upon their diet and behavior.

They Can Be Born With Two Heads And Live Long

You read that right! It is strange, but true that they could be born with two heads and live their full life. Bicephalism is the term to define animals having two heads. However, it is very rare to find such beardies, but they do exist somewhere.


In the end, it is quite obvious why bearded dragons are so popular. They often surprise us with their strange little things. It is great to have a pet like them for a newbie owner.


Having grown up with geckos and a bearded dragon as pets, my passion for reptiles has sparked once again! When I'm not writing about reptiles, I can be found gaming and maintaining physical shape.

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