Would you like to contribute your experience with reptile pets? We would love to have authors from all around the world contribute to our blog! We appreciate different perspectives and knowledge which can help other reptile pet owners.

We accept submissions for guides on “how-tos”, fun or interesting facts, any trending news, and any other ideas you want to pitch to us!

Guest Post Rules

Very important! Please read the following rules!

  1. Before we proceed, we will copy and paste your article into Copyscape’s plagiarism tool. If any match comes back, we will send the article back to you and ask you to redo it. If you fail once more, we will scratch your guest post submission all together.
  2. Article length will be more than 700 words but NOT OVER 2000 words.
  3. Use a general tone. What we do not want is negative, bias articles. Supplement with pictures and data where applicable.
  4. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is a must. We will not rewrite your article just to paste it on our website.
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  6. We do not accept sales or promotional sales articles.
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  8. Please send it to us in a word format.