Sailfin Dragon Taming – Make Your Reptile Pet Like You

Sailfin Dragon Taming – Make Your Reptile Pet Like You

You might be surprised to know that sailfin dragon taming isn’t that hard. It just takes a bit of patience! With proper sailfin dragon care and affectionate handling, you can transform this wild reptile in a friendly pet. First, let’s have a look at their behavior and other temperamental requirements.


Just like any other wild reptile, the sailfin lizard will hide at the sight of anything approaching them. They consider water as the safest place for them. That is why they always remain in search of water. Sailfins swim down into the water and search for a rock or anything they can use to hide.

Gentle handling and daily socialization can make these lizards quite friendly and obedient.


Socialization plays a key role in taming a sailfin dragon and making it submissive to people. Their socialization should begin at the age of 4 weeks old.

The video below shows a great example of how to start taming a young sailfin dragon by feeding.

For good results, it is best to socialize with them every day. Lack of socialization can make them too wild to be tamed. They may get stressed in interaction with humans.

Keeping two or three lizards in one enclosure may result in a fight. In the wild, this species only looks for a companion when it is the mating season.

Sailfin dragon fact: They are quite territorial!

With good socialization, sailfins can be a great pet for experienced reptile keepers but not for kids.

Sailfin Dragon Taming Tips

Due to their wild side, sailfins are a bit jumpy. Apparently, they show this behavior when they feel something bad is going to happen to them.

To tame these lizards, you must start by making a friendly bond with them. It will help the sailfin dragon understand that you are not a threat to them.

  • Approach the sailfin with calm and gentle handling. After some time, your dragon will feel that it is safe to be with you. Never expect any quick outcome of your efforts. Also, do not force your reptile to be good with you.
  • It is completely normal if the dragon doesn’t accept you at first. For the initial period, he might not be ok with your touch. The lizard may act rudely, wiggle and scratch. Don’t be discouraged and give it some time to relax with you.
  • Keep your patience while you feed a sailfin. Try to feed them with your hands. It is a great way of catching your pet’s attention and winning its trust.

Pro Tip: Before feeding, make sure the sailfin dragon diet is correct.

  • To make your sailfin dragon friendlier, you can use tongs while feeding the lizard with insects. You can also hold the food bowl while the dragon is eating.
  • Learn to get the dragon out of its terrarium with care. Never chase your dragon inside the enclosure as it can scare the pet.

Whatever you do, never put too much pressure on your pet. Limit the handling frequency and time. Remember, sailfin dragons are amazing reptiles. They deserve to be treated with respect. Give them some space and privacy to keep them healthy and happy under your care.


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